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Vermona Filter Action Filter 3

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  • Vermona
  • 0020106094
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    The Vermona Action Filter 3 offers new long-lasting switches for all switch-functions on the...más

    Información del producto "Vermona Filter Action Filter 3"

    The Vermona Action Filter 3 offers new long-lasting switches for all switch-functions on the unit's front panel. In addition, the custom tailored bypass-trigger now works optically. It is therefore mechanically separated of the electronic components. Another novelty is the switching power supply. It makes selecting voltages and replacement of fuses obsolete while traveling. Simply put, Action Filter 3 now works in every part of the world - out of the box.

    Both channels in Action Filter 3 offer analogue high- and low pass filters with controls for cutoff and resonance. By selecting serial or parallel filter-routings, Action Filter 3 can also be used as band pass or notch filter. Here, you can isolate or eliminate certain frequency sections. The bypass-trigger-function allows creating rhythmical effects by switching the filter manually on and off. Action Filter 3 offers line and phono inputs, the later allowing for direct connection of turntables


  • Long-lasting switches on the front panel

  • Custom tailored bypass-trigger

  • Switching power supply

  • Analogue high- an low pass filters for cutoff an resonance
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