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Ultrasone Signature PRO

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    The Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphone is a high-quality On-Ear-Headphone and the result of...más

    Información del producto "Ultrasone Signature PRO"

    The Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphone is a high-quality On-Ear-Headphone and the result of years of dialogue with professional musicians and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. These black, newly-developed Signature PRO headphones will revolutionize the world of the professional user – their design combines the first-class sound properties and high-quality material of the Edition series with the requirements for use on the move, on set, in the studio, anywhere and everywhere.

    The producers of the Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphone equipped the device with a professional, sharp and clear audio and also an innovative and patented ULE-technology. This technology protects against electromagnetic radiation using MU metal. This reduction in radiation is something anyone who wears headphones for several hours on a daily basis will not want to do without.

    Furthermore, the finest leather was used for ear and head pads. The comfortable ear pads and the new headband make it possible to work and listen stress-free for long periods of time. It get’s better... this new Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphone may have a minimalist design, but can handle hard work and are a sheer pleasure to wear! The name plates made of finely polished toughened safety glass emphasize its professional focus. The dark-grey ear and headband pads are made from the tried-and-tested leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep and sewn by hand. This exclusive leather provides long-lasting quality for the wearer, an incredibly snug fit and outstanding insulation.

    As a special feature, the Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphone meets the requests of many end users with its removable cables and B-Lock connection. These cables can be exchanged at any time, as required. A long and short cable, of 3m and 1.5m respectively, are included as standard. And to crown it all – the Signature PRO comes in a custom-made transport-friendly case.

    Hand-crafted in Germany and equipped with comprehensive Ultrasone technology, the Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphone is a product which systematically realizes the desires of Headphone Users and fans across the globe.


  • Ethiopian sheepskin-leather-earpad and headband cushions

  • Sealed-back construction with excellent ambient noise blocking

  • Top sound quality

  • Outer earcups made of resonance-free fine-polished safety glass

  • Manufactured and engineered strictly in Germany

  • 2 detachable cords with B-lock connection: 3 m straight cable with 6.3 mm and gold-plated Neutrik plug, 1,5 m straight cable with 3.5 mm and gold-plated Neutrik plug/angled

  • Specifications

  • S-Logic™ Plus technology

  • Dynamic and closed construction

  • Frequency range 8 – 42000 Hz

  • Impedance 32 Ohm

  • Sound pressure level 98 dB

  • Features S-Logic Plus and MU Metal ULE shielding

  • 40 mm titanium-plated driver

  • Weight: 300 g
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