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Tascam M-164UF

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  • Tascam
  • 0020104939
    The TASCAM's M-164UF Mixer is a mixer for live bands, home recording or installation. Each of...más

    Información del producto "Tascam M-164UF"

    The TASCAM's M-164UF Mixer is a mixer for live bands, home recording or installation.

    Each of the mixers has six TASCAM mic inputs with XLR ins and phantom power for great-sounding tracks. Mic inputs additionally have 3-band EQ with hipass filters for sculpting the mix. Five stereo line inputs bring the total count to 16 inputs, and several channels add EQ and RIAA phono preamps for adding flexibility. The M-164s have two output busses - main and sub - as well as a pair of aux sends for monitors and effects.

    Step up to the M-164UF for a 16x2 audio interface that works over USB 2.0. The interface built into the M-164UF has the highest channel count of any mixer, allowing all 16 inputs to be recorded to their own track in your computer recording software.


  • 16-channel mixing

  • 6 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and hipass filter

  • 5 stereo line inputs

  • 3-band EQ on mic channels 1-6

  • 2-band EQs on line channels 7-10 and main output

  • RIAA phono preamp on channels 9-10 (RCA)

  • Unique design with built-in meter bridge

  • Sub and Main output busses (1/4" outputs)

  • Separate stereo and mono outputs for main and aux (1/4")

  • Two aux sends (1/4" outputs)

  • Stereo effects processor with 16 presets for reverb, delay, chorus and other effects

  • USB 2.0 audio interface providing 16 outputs to computer and stereo return from computer at 96kHz / 24-bit

  • Supports Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista

  • Includes Cubase LE4 48-track recording workstation software

  • Technical Data:
    Weight: 3 kg
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