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Space-Tek DVJ-Uni-Stand

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    The DVJ-Uni stand is a very simple and effective unit.. Features Our universal stand has...más

    Información del producto "Space-Tek DVJ-Uni-Stand"

    The DVJ-Uni stand is a very simple and effective unit..


    • Our universal stand has rubber padding on the areas that hold the deck in place and rubber feet under the stand base. This is designed to reduce feedback and vibrations creating an isolation to give the best sound quality possible.
    • Our stands have a very unique fluid like movement that can be adjusted to your ideal tension. They can be lowered, raised, tilted or set to your preferred distance; all while in use.
    • We have created a slot in the chrome extension pole for the wires to be fed through, this helps create a more neat appearance.
    • Our stands are very mobile and quick to set up. We supply detailed instructions and the only tool needed is the Allen key that is provided. Once assembled they are very stable and will self support the units that are placed on them. A turntable can be placed on the base if required, but this is only for a space saving solution that will also bring the equipment into easy reach for the DJ.
    • The paint finish is black using a powder coated method which enables it to resist scratches.
    • Universal mount dimensions: 35 cm wide by 35 cm long, the length can be increased or decreased to suite the unit you are mounting

    Technical Data

    • Dimensions: 45,5cm x 44,4cm x 43,0cm
    • Weight: 16,2kg
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