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SM Pro Audio Microphone Preamp XPM1

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  • SM Pro Audio
  • 0020103899
    Short Description: The XPM1 is a compact DC powered microphone preamplifier offering 50dB of...más

    Información del producto "SM Pro Audio Microphone Preamp XPM1"

    Short Description:

    The XPM1 is a compact DC powered microphone preamplifier offering 50dB of adjustable gain and phantom power.

    Designed for project studio recording environments, and boasting excellent technical specifications, the XPM1 is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

    With an extremely compact form factor, rugged steel chassis, and high quality components, the XPM1 is sure to provide years of trouble free operation under the most challenging conditions.

    The XPM1 features both XLR and TRS jack inputs on the front panel allowing for the connection of all types of microphones. The switchable 12V phantom power facilitates the powering of condenser microphones.

    For home/project studio situations - Most home studio PC soundcards simply do not have a microphone preamplifier. If you need to do a microphone recording for a podcast, home video voice over, or any other multimedia task, the XPM1 is perfect for direct connection to the line inputs of your soundcard.


  • Input Impedance: Mic-600 ohms / Line-10K ohms

  • Max output level: +14 dB

  • Input connectors: 1/4” stereo TRS and XLR

  • Phantom Power: +12VDC

  • Max input level: +22 dB

  • S/N ratio: >105dB

  • Max Gain: +50 dB

  • Frequency Response: +0/-1dB 20Hz-20 KHz

  • Output impedance: 100 ohms

  • Output connectors: 1/8” stereo TRS and RCA

  • Technical Data:

  • Size: 88 X 54 X 38 mm

  • Power: 12-18V DC adapter (optional accessory, not included)
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