SM Pro Audio Microphone Preamp EP84_1

SM Pro Audio Microphone Preamp EP84

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    Short Description: The EP84 is the latest multi-channel microphone preamplifier from SM Pro...más

    Información del producto "SM Pro Audio Microphone Preamp EP84"

    Short Description:

    The EP84 is the latest multi-channel microphone preamplifier from SM Pro Audio. Packed with quality features and connectivity options, this sturdy 2RU rack-mountable unit is designed to provide studio users with 8 channels of pristine microphone preamplification. The EP84 is the perfect front end for computer audio systems, stand-alone hard disk recorders, or just about any other analog or digital workstation.

    With all the functionality of a top line preamplifier, the EP84 features independent variable gain control, -20dB pad, phase reverse, low cut filters, 48v Phantom power, and insert points on each of the eight (8) channels.

    Each mic-pre provides some 60dB of gain with a massive 23db of maximum output.


  • 8 x discrete microphone preamplifiers

  • Mic In: Min sensitivity -60 dB

  • Modular PCB design

  • Mic In: Peak input level +9.5 dB

  • XLR and TRS inputs and outputs

  • Line In: Impedance 47K

  • Insert points per channel

  • Line In: Min sensitivity: -35dB

  • Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range

  • Line In: Peak input level: +32 dB

  • Low-Noise Operating Levels

  • Output: Impedance: 600 Ohms

  • Peak Light per channel

  • Peak output level:+23dB

  • 48V Phantom Power per channel

  • Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz 0dB- -0.5dB

  • Phase reverse per channel

  • Distortion: 0.005%

  • -20dB Pad per channel

  • S/N: > 105dB

  • Gain control per channel

  • Crosstalk rejection: >120dB @1KHz; -20dB input

  • 80 Hz Low cut filter per channel

  • Max Gain: 58dB
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