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SM Pro Audio DI Box DI8_1

SM Pro Audio DI Box DI8

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    Short Description: The DI8 is a multi function 8 channel direct injection box and stereo line...más

    Información del producto "SM Pro Audio DI Box DI8"

    Short Description:

    The DI8 is a multi function 8 channel direct injection box and stereo line mixer all in one single unit rack-mount chassis.

    It is not often that you would come accross a product and say .... 'WOW I need one of these! The DI8 is such a product with it's multiple features and high quality components.

    The DI8 features 8 channels of Unbalanced to Balanced converters with 20dB pad and earth lift selector provided per channel.

    The DI8 is suitable for many applications right out of the box but with the addition of a built in line mixer (Volume and Pan control for each channel and master volume) the DI8 becomes an indispensable tool solving many problems in the audio field today.

    If you are a keyboard player, electronic drummer, PA/Studio owner, pro musician or a hobby player, the DI8 will find a place in your rack. Imagine running your 4 keyboard or modules on stage directly onto the DI8 and being able to send off balanced signal to the front of house rig while providing your own dedicated monitoring mix...all on a single rack-mount direct injection box/line mixer!

    You will be amazed at how often you would utilize the DI8. We even included a LINK function so that multiple DI8 units can be linked to a single stereo output, so if you have more than 8-16-24.... inputs of unbalanced signal they can all be routed and monitored through the one output pair!


  • 8 channel DI Box

  • Master Volume control

  • 8 channel Mixer

  • Stereo Line Out

  • Each input has a link and a Balanced output

  • Stereo Link Input

  • Earth lift per channel

  • 110v-220v internal power supply

  • 20dB pad per channel

  • Size : 45(1u) x 482 x 152(mm)

  • Pan control per channel

  • Housing: Metal
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