Sefour Studio Konsole X60 walnut

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    The Sefour x60 is a dual function console that stylishly facilitates dj's who are expanding into...más

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    The Sefour x60 is a dual function console that stylishly facilitates dj's who are expanding into music production, or vice versa. It's multi-functionality means it features a top shelf at optimum height for dj equipment, and with pre-drilled holes for the sefour equipment brackets, further expansion with cdjs, laptop or computer couldn't be easier or more convenient. The stylish metal fascia that trims the top-shelf functions as cleverly disguised 19" rack mounting space. With a total of 8u (2 x 4u or 4 x 2u) of panel additional hardware, such as equalizers, amplifiers and processors can easily be integrated into your set-up with minimum hassle. A second, lower, shelf is fitted on sliding rails, so it can be hidden when not in use. This second shelf also provides more than adequate space for tabletop equipment, such as keyboards, mixing desks, controllers, effects and samplers etc. A third shelf is fixed below the sliding shelf and this can also be used for additional equipment or media storage thus helpingyour studio or dj console to remain uncluttered, tidy and completely organised. The depth of the console is ingeniously designed to facilitate computer tower storage within it's actual footprint. The depth is perfectly measured for larger computers, so even a g4 or g5 mac can be concealed within the x60's internal floor space. Finished in the traditional sefour premium black laminate, the x60 is a solid, attractive and well thought out versatile piece of furniture for a dj and production centre.


  • Wooden / metal console

  • 3 equipment shelves / surface:

  • Top shelf designed for dj equipment (2 x decks or cd players & up to 19" mixer)

  • 2nd shelf on sliding rails for mixing desks, keyboards, tabletop controllers etc

  • 3rd shelf for amps, records, cds, amplifiers etc

  • 8u of concealed / optional rack mounting space (2 x up to 4u spaces)

  • Features pre-drilled holes for additional sefour stands (not supplied)

  • Extra deep foot print for concealing computer towers

  • High quality black laminate finish

  • Colour: walnut

  • Weight: 50.0 kg (including packaging)

  • This item is a bulky good and causes additional shipping costs.
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