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Voxoa P30
Voxoa P30
For home or amateur DJs who want to start DJing or just want to play for fun, the Voxoa P30 is an affordable choice. Durable and easy to use, this multimedia CD player has features and functions normally found in more expensive devices....
149,00 € 299,00 €

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  • N.º artículo: 0020110875
    Voxoa P70
    Voxoa P70
    The Voxoa P70 is a full-featured DJ CD and media player with a fantastic price/performance ratio. The P70 plays MP3 and WAV from CD/CDR and USB sticks. Thanks to its MIDI compatibility, the P70 can be easily integrated into most DJ...
    249,00 € 399,00 €

    incl. IVA más gastos de envío

  • N.º artículo: 0020110874
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