Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+

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    The Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ is a innovative, powerful realtime effects unit/ sampler with the latest...más

    Información del producto "Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+"

    The Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ is a innovative, powerful realtime effects unit/ sampler with the latest effects and sampling functionality. By simply stroking, tapping or rubbing the Kaoss touch pad with their finger, the users of this unit can easily control multiple effects and parameters thanks to its amazing flexibility of the touchpad and its intuitive design. Your Performance and Control with effects will get much easier by using this remarkable design.

    The Korg belongs to the popular Kaoss Pad series which features powerful effects units famed for their intuitive touch-pad interfaces. The flagship model continues to be highly acclaimed by musicians and DJs around the world for its wealth of sampling functionality and its powerful, instantaneous effect programs.

    The Kaoss Pad KP3+ is a real-time effects unit that will generate the sounds of 2013 and beyond. The effects combinations which have become a staple in numerous genres and applications thanks to the predecessor KP3 have been taken to a new and cutting-edge level with the new Kaoss Pad..


    • Use the touchpad to control effects in real time
    • A total of 150 effects ideal for DJ mixing and sound design
    • Vinyl Break simulates a turntable
    • Ducking Compressor emphasizes the backbeats
    • Newly-designed looper lets you freely manipulate loops
    • Effects you can use for breaks in your DJ play
    • High-spec sampling functionality
    • Numerous functions to make your performance even more expressive
    • FX Release function controls the reverberation to produce a more natural decay
    • Mute function cuts the input signal and outputs only the effect sound
    • Pad Motion function records and reproduces your effect usage
    • Practical functions that are easy to use during live performance or production
    • Eight program memories let you switch effects instantly
    • Hold function sustains the effect sound
    • Set the tempo with auto BPM, tap tempo, or the BPM knob
    • Pad LEDs ensure high visibility even in the dark
    • Highly expandable for even greater potential
    • USB MIDI allows for use as a powerful MIDI controller
    • Store sample data on an SD/SDHC card
    • Dedicated editor software for centralized management of sample data and settings

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