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Gemini CDM-3610

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  • Gemini
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    The Gemini’s CDM-3610 is a dual MP3/CD mixing console that provides easy-to-use track...más

    Información del producto "Gemini CDM-3610"

    The Gemini’s CDM-3610 is a dual MP3/CD mixing console that provides easy-to-use track search and playback across two MP3/CD decks. Ideal for mobile DJ rigs or club installations and loaded with song-shaping tools such as Reverse, Scratch and Brake effects, Loop section, pitch bend (+/- 16%), and variable pitch control (+/- 4, 8, 16%) as well as powerful playback tools such as instant-start and cue with preview, single and continuous play modes, and program function with repeat, the CD-Mixer CDM-3610 brings unparalleled flexibility in an all-in-one unit.
    Finally, the CDM-3610 boasts a mixer section with a 3-band EQ w/ Gain Control and an array of inputs/outputs for all your devices. The CDM-3610 provides powerful functionality and affordability to bring your DJ set to a whole new level.


  • Audio CD, CD-R, & MP3 compatible

  • Anti-shock using RAM buffer memory

  • Large blue backlit LCD display with text for MP3

  • 3 Selectable Jog modes Scratch Effect/Cue Search/Pitch Bend

  • Instant-start & cue with preview

  • Instant reverse for added effect

  • Brake mode for vinyl-like stops

  • Fader-Start capability

  • High speed rotary track search

  • Single & Continuous play mode

  • One seamless loop per side with reloop

  • Pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons +/- 16%

  • Three mode time selection

  • Frame accurate search

  • Rubber jog wheels with finger grips

  • Variable pitch control with three settings +/- 4, 8 & 16

  • Fully programmable with repeat function

  • Technical Data:

  • 3-band EQ w/ Gain Control

  • 1/4” headphone output

  • XLR and 1/4” mic input

  • Auxiliary Inputs for Phono or Line Devices
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