Eurolite N-130 Tour-Fogger

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    Conjure up a mysterious atmosphere on your stage with the EUROLITE N-130 Tour-Fogger - or use...más

    Información del producto "Eurolite N-130 Tour-Fogger"

    Conjure up a mysterious atmosphere on your stage with the EUROLITE N-130 Tour-Fogger - or use the fogger for big live events, in discotheques, in the theatre or at TV and film productions to increase the effect of your spotlights and laser beams.

    Thanks to the compact dimensions and the integration in the flight case, the fogger is also ideal for mobile events. The stable case of the fogger also ensures high resistance and durability.
    Addressing and setting can be done via the control unit with LCD display.

    The built-in "Instant Stop" of the fogger ensures that no more fog will escape when the fogging function is switched off (no post-fogging). The innovative quick release system allows you to quickly and easily disconnect the fluid hose from the canister and remove the tank.

    The system can be controlled either by timer, DMX or in stand-alone mode.
    The EUROLITE N-130 is operated with conventional water-based fog fluid.

    Features Eurolite N-130 Tour-Fogger

    • Powerful fog machine for stage and touring use
    • Integrated in stackable flight case for high resistance and durability and easy transport
    • Vertical and horizontal operating position
    • DMX control and standalone operation
    • Timer with interval, duration and fog quantity
    • Instant stop function allows precise control without fogging
    • Addressing and settings via control unit with LCD display
    • Auto temperature control
    • Low-fluid protection circuit
    • Removable tank (3.5 litres)
    • Fluid hose can be easily removed using a quick connector
    • DMX interface with 3- and 5-pin connectors
    • Operation with conventional water-based fog fluid
    • Ideal for large live events, discos, theatres, TV and film productions
    • Output range: approx. 5 m

    Technical data

    • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    • Total connected load: 1350 W
    • Protection class: IP20
    • Power connection: Power supply P-Con (blue), built-in version Power connection cable with safety plug (supplied)
    • Warm-up time: approx. 5 min
    • Output volume: approx. 510 m³/min
    • Output range: approx. 5 m
    • tank capacity: 3,5 l
    • Fluid consumption: approx. 100 ml/min
    • DMX channels: 1
    • DMX input: 1 x 5-pin XLR (M) panel mount version, 1 x 3-pin XLR (M) panel mount version
    • DMX output: 1 x 5-pin XLR (W) built-in version, 1 x 3-pin XLR (W) built-in version
    • Control: DMX, stand-alone, timer
    • Heating element: 1300 W
    • Width: 39 cm
    • Height: 26,5 cm
    • Depth: 46 cm
    • Weight: 14,25 kg
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