Alesis NanoVerb

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    The Alesis NanoVerb gives you sixteen of Alesis' best preset effects algorithms in a compact,...más

    Información del producto "Alesis NanoVerb"

    The Alesis NanoVerb gives you sixteen of Alesis' best preset effects algorithms in a compact, easy-to-use and incredibly affordable package. You'll enjoy its lush hall, plate and room reverbs, rich true stereo chorus, flange, delay, rotary speaker emulation and useful multieffects. Plus, NanoVerb's 18 bit digital converters ensure the sonic quality that allows you to use it for any effects application from guitar rigs to studio recording. The front panel adjust knob allows you to tweak NanoVerb's great-sounding programs until they're just right for your music, while the Input/Output levels and Mix controls ensure proper effect levels for a wide variety of applications. Plus, with its amazing low cost, you can afford to put two or three NanoVerbs in your rack for dedicating to multiple sources.


  • 18 Bit Processor

  • 16 Presets

  • Stereo In/Out

  • Technical Data:

  • Presets (Factory/User): 16/0

  • Digital Effects (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.): Rvrb; chrs; dly; flng; rtry

  • Simultaneous Effects: 3

  • Programmable Wet/Dry/Mix

  • Compare/Bypass: N/Y

  • Maximum Delay Time: 1,300 ms

  • Discrete Programming Channels: 1


  • Overload Warning: Clip light

  • Inputs: (2) 1/4"

  • Outputs: (2) 1/4"
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