Zomo Set 2000 NSE - Flightcase 1x DJM-800 + 2x CDJ-800/900/1000

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    The Zomo Set-2000 NSE (NSE = NIGHT STYLE EDITION) is an absolute highlight amongst Zomo... more

    Product information "Zomo Set 2000 NSE - Flightcase 1x DJM-800 + 2x CDJ-800/900/1000"

    The Zomo Set-2000 NSE (NSE = NIGHT STYLE EDITION) is an absolute highlight amongst Zomo Flightcases! The Case is especially designed for two Pioneer CDJ-2000, CDJ-900, CDJ-1000 or CDJ-800 and one Pioneer DJM-800.

    The Zomo Set-2000 NSE is standing out from ordinary cases with its unique black design. You will enjoy travelling with this case, knowing that it will protect your expensive equipment from any damage, negative influences and unauthorized access. The removable lid can also be used as a base.

    Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!


    • High quality
    • Black design
    • Protects from damage
    • Professional quality. Build for performance
    • Extra stable edition
    • Comfortable hold
    • Two integrated rolls for an easier transportation
    • Robust steel ball corners


    • Dimensions: 1160 x 610 x 240 mm
    • Weight: 19,65 kg

    Suitable for the following CD players

    • Pioneer CDJ-200
    • Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2
    • Pioneer CDJ-900
    • Pioneer CDJ-1000
    • Pioneer CDJ-800
    • and others...

    Suitable for the following mixers

    • Pioneer DJM-800
    • Pioneer DJM 850-K
    • Pioneer DJM 750 K
    • and many other 12 inch mixers e.g. from Allen & Heath or Denon
    Suitable devices: Allen & Heath Xone:42
    Allen & Heath Xone:62
    Allen & Heath Xone:92
    Behringer DDM-4000
    Behringer DJX-700
    Behringer DJX-750
    Denon DN-X1100
    Denon DN-X1600
    Denon DN-X1700
    Ecler HAK-360
    Ecler HAK-380
    Ecler Nuo 4.0
    Pioneer CDJ-850
    Pioneer CDJ-900
    Pioneer CDJ-1000
    Pioneer DJM-500
    Pioneer DJM-600
    Pioneer DJM-700
    Pioneer DJM-750
    Pioneer DJM-800
    Pioneer DJM-850
    Rane Sixty Eight
    Vestax PMC-05 Pro 4
    Vestax PMC-280
    Suitable brands: Allen & Heath
    Laptop shelf included: No
    4.4 / 5
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    5 / 5 Points

    High quality, but a bit too heavy

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    Good case but too heavy and the paint peels off easily

    3 / 5 Points

    Not usual zomo quality

    I have always used zomo cases. They are well built and look fantastic. This particular case has fallen a little short. The case is suitable for many brand configurations. I have pioneer cdj 2000nx2 and a pioneer 750 mk2 mixer. Zomo state these as suited to this case. I have had to cut parts away to make the equipment fit the base. The lid is totally unsuitable and does not work. I have had to remove the foam and add my own at further expense to make the case work.
    After all this the case is still a well made addition to my inventory. Recommend if you are ok with medium level DIY.

    4 / 5 Points

    ZOMO Flightcase

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    Very fast shipping! Very stable case which protects equipment in every situation. (tight fit of the devices in the case; plenty of storage space for cables and other equipment) However, the total weight should not be underestimated! A few more foam parts to tinker would also have been desirable.

    5 / 5 Points

    Top Case

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    Simply 1a .. I looked at a lot of cases but the Zomo case is simply the very best. I couldn't imagine anything better. Processing is great and the optics are excellent. The noble black looks really good. There is nothing better at this price. All other manufacturers get out here! Clear buy recommendation!

    5 / 5 Points

    Great case

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    I already have a few Zomo Cases in stock, but so far this is the most successful. Due to the multifunctional interior, you are very flexible, especially if you include additional equipment in the case (sound interface, etc.) The cable channel is also generous this time. A real alternative to the case from the case builder.