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Tascam Twin CD-X1500

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    The CD-X1500 is a professional mobile DJ dual CD player that has all the necessary features a... more

    Product information "Tascam Twin CD-X1500"

    The CD-X1500 is a professional mobile DJ dual CD player that has all the necessary features a professional DJ expects such as seamless looping, key original (master tempo), 3 hot start/cue points, relay play and anti-shock buffer.


  • Scratch-Funktion
  • Brake-Funktion
  • Eingang für Scratch-Controller TT-M1 („Turntable Magic“)
  • Filter-Effekt
  • Einzelwiedergabe, fortlaufende oder programmierte Wiedergabe (maximal 30 Titel)
  • Speichern Sie verschiedene Wiedergabe-Einstellungen von bis zu 100 Titeln
  • Faderstart - unterstützt (z.B. X-9, X-17, X-15)
  • Automatischer Laufwerkswechsel
  • Fortlaufende Wiedergabe über beide Laufwerke
  • Speicher zum Schutz vor Aussetzern
  • Digitalausgang
  • Wiedergabe von CD-R/CD-RW
  • Seamless loop- Repeatedly playback a section marked with A and B points
  • 3 flash start/cue points
  • Stutter play
  • Auto cue - Automatically find the audio beginning of a song
  • Auto ready - Pause at the beginning of the next track
  • ±0, 8, 16, 32 and 100% tempo control
  • Set the song tempo with the Tempo slider or by tapping on the TAP key
  • Key Original function - Prevents original key from being affected by tempo changes
  • Pitch bending function
  • ±16% key control
  • BPM counter
  • Use the wheel for scratching like with analogue turntables
  • Brake function - Same effect like switching off an analogue turntable
  • TT-M1 Turntable Magic input
  • Filter effect- Use the wheel to affect the cutoff frequency
  • Continuous play, single play, and up to 30 tracks program play
  • Stores various playback settings for up to 100 tracks
  • Fader start
  • Relay play- Continuous playback over both units
  • Anti-shock memory
  • Digital output
  • Supports CD-R/RW discs

  • Technical Data

    Sampling frequency : 44.1kHz
    Frequency response : 20Hz–20kHz, -0.5/-1.0dB
    Dynamic range : 98dB
    S/N ratio : 98dB
  • Main unit 482mm x 88mm x 261mm
  • Remote control unit 482mm x 87mm x 87mm
  • Weight
  • Main unit 5.7kg
  • Remote control unit 1.8kg
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