Sennheiser HD 26 Pro

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    The HD 26 PRO - the perfect headphones for radio and television broadcast productions. Because... more

    Product information "Sennheiser HD 26 Pro"

    The HD 26 PRO - the perfect headphones for radio and television broadcast productions. Because of its closed design this headphones offer a high passive noise attenuation. The HD 26 PRO provides a very accurate sound reproduction for demanding applications. Soft ear cushions and low weight guarantee outstanding wearing comfort even in long term use. 

    The HD 26 PRO comes with ActiveGard© to protect the hearing from sudden audio peaks more than 105 dB. The ActiveGard© function can be activated or deactivated. The modular concept of the HD 26 PRO makes changing cabel or cushions easy.

    Features Sennheiser HD 26 Pro

    • Excellent wearing comfort due to low weight, splitted headband and soft cushions
    • High passive noise attenuation due to closed design
    • Accurate sound reproduction for demanding monitoring
    • High sound pressure level
    • ActiveGard© for safe and protected hearing
    • Special cable shape reduces structure born noise perfectly
    • Swivelling ear cap for listening to environment
    • Easy replaceable cable and cusions due to modular concept

    What's in the box?

    • 1 Headphones
    • 1 cable clip
    • 1 wide head band cushion
    • 1 screw-on adapter 1/4" (6,3mm) jack plug
    • 1 manual
    Headphone output: 1x 3.5 jack
    1x 6.3 Jack (with adapter)
    Cable length: 1.5 m
    Application area: Studio
    Construction Type: On-Ear
    System: Closed
    Connection Mode: Cable
    Impedance: 81-250 Ω
    Rotatable auricle?: No
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    5 / 5 Points

    First class, very comfortable

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    Use it primarily for telco - it's actually too good for that, but the wearing comfort is exceptionally good. The HD26 is really strong when it is "allowed" to play music. Crystal clear, spatially clearly defined and simply very coherent without sounding clinical / analytical. Definitely a recommendation !! The price is reasonable, cables, ear pads can be changed, what more could you want?

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    Versatile from fun to studio and very convenient!

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    I now have a handful of different headphones at home, but when it comes to electronic music in the broadest sense, the HD26 Pro is my favorite! It sits great on my rather large skull, the right part can be moved very comfortably back and above all it sounds really good. And I therefore have to clearly contradict Thomas and his review of 10.09.19: The headphones can bass, and they are defined and so powerful that they get a really physically noticeable component! However, a suitable supplier is of course also required for this. So the KH pumps on the PC / notebook via my Fiio Q1 MKII, and the thing is not exactly high-end for the gold ears, the EDM bass in my skull, that it is a real splendor. And that without the additional bass boost from Q1 - that's too much for me! On a Denon Prime 4, the part sounded absolutely solid and club-compatible, and on my Fireface 802 completely neutral and noise-free. In short: I really like the thing, quality is offered for the money, and anything from rough to fine is possible.

    5 / 5 Points

    Top with a flat bass

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    I was looking for headphones for evaluating mixes at home and for watching live films. Language and heights come out top. The resolution is very good for my understanding, the sound is neutral. But the basses are spongy, grumpy and undefined. I don't care. Workmanship is excellent, fit with me perfectly. In live mode, I can recognize poorly mixed films with annoying mids or sharp highs - what does not sound good about the PA, I also recognize in the headphones, and I can take countermeasures.

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    DJ headphones

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    Sits very well, shielding and sound class

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    The headphones look very stable and fit well. The first time I went to a club, I was amazed at the shielding, you hardly hear anything from the surroundings. As usual, the sound quality is good at Sennheiser. I can only recommend.

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    Perfect for my studio. The shipping was quick and good.

    5 / 5 Points


    After a pair of decent Sony headphones the Sennheiser came and wow.....i didn't miss anythin until then, but the hd 26 just sound extraordinary. Absolutely clean and very balanced.

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    absolutely the best

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