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    The Pioneer PLX-1000 direct drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel,... more

    Product information "Pioneer DJ PLX-1000"

    The Pioneer PLX-1000 direct drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel, and performance of vinyl for music playback. The model offers a highly familiar, user-friendly control layout, high-torque direct drive mechanism, and exceptional audio playback quality. Combine the PLX-1000 with a Pioneer professional series DJM mixer for an ideal system for true vinyl enthusiasts.

    The PLX-1000 provides a user friendly layout familiar to top DJs of the past and present, providing quick tempo control capability on the right side of the player, start/stop button on the left side, and a high-torque platter with a lighted speed guide

    The direct drive mechanism of the PLX-1000 provides high-torque resulting in stable rotation and exceptional control. The turntable can achieve a starting torque of at least 4.5kg/cm and can reach its fixed rotation speed within 0.3 seconds (at 33 1/3 rpm).

    To create an extremely stable player and prevent vibration, Pioneer utilized a heavy-mass zinc die-cast chassis for the top section of the player, reinforced with a bottom section made of 8-mm thick resin. The base of the unit was further enforced with 9-mm thick vibration-damping material that results in extremely stable playback. The tone arm also received great attention in build quality and design to maximize performance, using rubber insulation to minimize howling effects during audio playback. The RCA jacks feature gold-plated machine-cut parts for low impedance for excellent sound quality output.

    The player provides a range of tempo adjustments from ±8% and ±16% to ±50%, giving users a range of pitch speeds. A “RESET” button for tempo sits next to the tempo slider for instant ±0% fixed rotation speed.

    The Pioneer PLX-1000 is built with a detachable power and audio cable connection for increased convenience, especially at times when the unit is being moved around. Users are also able to interchange cables to further customize the sound quality.

    Features & Characteristics

    • User-friendly control layout
    • High-torque direct drive system
    • Designed for optimal sound quality
    • Tempo control with variable width levels
    • Detachable power and audio cables


    • Drive Method: Quartz lock serve type direct drive
    • Wow and Flutter: 0.1% or less WRMS (JIS WTD)
    • Motor: 3-phase brushless DC motor
    • S/N Ratio: 70dB (DIN-B)
    • Braking System: Electronic brake
    • Turntable: Aluminum die-casting diameter: 13.07”
    • Rotation Speed: 33-1/3rpm, 45rpm
    • Starting Torque: 4.5kg-cm or more
    • Rotation Speed Adjustment Range: ±8%, ±16%, ±50%
    • Start Time: 0.3 seconds (at 33 1/3rpm)
    • Power Requirements: AC 110-120V/220-240V, 50 Hz/60Hz
    • Power Consumption: 9W
    • Output: RCA x 1
    • Maximum dimensions (WxDxH): 453mm x 353 mm x 159mm
    • Unit weight: 13.1 kg

    NOTE: Head-shell and cartridge not included

    Type of drive: direct drive
    USB port: No
    Dust Cover: Yes
    Line-Out: Yes
    Rounds per minute: 33 / 45
    Pickup system incl.: No
    Pitch: ±8%
    Tonearm form: curved

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    Customer ratings for "Pioneer DJ PLX-1000"

    14 Apr 2020

    Great price and Fast delivery

    I am very happy!!!

    13 Jan 2020

    First choice - top record player

    -- Show original --

    The Pioneer PLX 1000 is a top record player, I use it at home on a Yamaha AS 2100 with an Ortofon 2M bronze. The device is technically top developed. Pioneer seems to have improved the quality here lately, the tonearm 1A is on mine, the turntable is without a high pitch, the strope points on the plate run 100% linearly and not slightly wavy, no transformer hum and no ground hum. The device I bought is 09/19. Who needs an overpriced technics that does nothing differently or better. I highly recommend the Pioneer. The device itself exudes top quality, if you take it in your hand you feel the quality somehow, at least that's my impression.

    10 Jan 2020

    The Terrible Infant

    -- Show original --

    I purchased a DJM 450, which say really fantastic great design excellent small size materials but great sound. Super fast recordcase for shipping to Italy about 5 days and competitive prices. I will definitely make other purchases.

    7 Jan 2020

    Top turntable for a bargain price!

    -- Show original --

    I am not a DJ but only use the Pioneer PLX-1000 in a HIGH END installation with a separate RIAA TUBE PRE AMP that I designed and built myself in combination with an Ortofon Quintet Blue MC element. And this combination is sublime! I have already worn out various record players, including expensive "Project" models, but they cannot match the Pioneer PLX-1000. The problem with most modern turntables such as "Rega" and "Project" is the synchronization or rather the WOW and FLUTTER. I also suspect that today's modern turntables are developed more on design than on performance. With the Pioneer PLX-1000 there is sometimes confusion about the run. I can assure you that it is low. You can measure this very well with a test plate with a test tone of 3150 Hz for a few minutes. The conclusion is that I can recommend this record player to anyone. Not only a DJ but also the serious music lover for the home. Advantages: a) very solid construction b) confidential layout c) perfect synchronization (low WOW and FLUTTER) d) with the right element a perfect representation e) earned a high-quality RIAA Preamp f) adjustable feet g) height-adjustable arm h) excellent accessories included i) very competitive price Cons a) dust cover without hinges b) play on the arm

    16 Dec 2019

    Technics Clone at a spot price

    -- Show original --

    Bought to play hi-fi records. If you googlet, you will quickly find out that this Hanpin (under the Pioneer label) is a 1: 1 copy of the old Technics lathe. Identified by the old magnetic drive. Since the Technics patents were all sold to Hanpin, the new Technics mk7 today have the "cheap" drives of the old Technics budget lathe (eg SL Q200). You can't get a better direct drive lathe better and cheaper. Tonearm bearings were set properly. Nothing shook. The plate without a flip. I installed an Audio-Technica VM 95 ml. It couldn't be better !!!

    12 Dec 2019

    Excellent product and service! Recommend both!

    7 Dec 2019

    Perfect !

    -- Show original --

    Perfect delivery!

    27 Aug 2019

    Vinyls from the BEST !!

    -- Show original --

    Gladly again and again !! Every week: D fresh vinyls, best service, fast delivery, competent and friendly staff! Uhuuu !! As with Moving Day Munich :)) Thank you very much !!!

    10 Aug 2019

    Excellent vinyl turntable.

    -- Show original --

    Excellent product, superb turntable at remarkable value for money ... and perfect performance of recordcase.

    13 Jul 2019

    Rat & Tat

    -- Show original --

    Easily reachable by phone, competent and fast. Daily low prices. We recommend!

    5 Jun 2019


    -- Show original --

    Very fast delivery, good service

    31 May 2019

    Great device, great sound

    -- Show original --

    Great device, great sound

    1 May 2019

    Perfect ?

    -- Show original --

    Super Service. Again and again

    11 Apr 2019

    Absolutely top class

    -- Show original --

    Was only towards Technics 1210 GR. The price is too high for me! That is why the PLX 1000 was chosen. I have read a lot of positive things about the Pioneer. I had in mind when ordering, is there noise, ground hum and what is the sound like ??? Today I can report all my concerns are gone. The Pioneer is not good, it is top notch in terms of workmanship. The sound is awesome. My old records from the 80s and 90s sound perfect. The delivery was fast and very well packaged. I couldn't find the turntable counterweight in the package - WAS MY DEBT. The call to the service was very good! Nice and competent. Can highly recommend everything! Clear buy and dealer recommendation

    17 Feb 2019

    great product

    -- Show original --

    fast shipping, acceptable times. The product is superlative, heavy and robust although silent. I did not understand why you give (1 euro) the lid, if in the package the plate already has its lid ......

    4 Feb 2019

    Great device

    -- Show original --

    Very high quality. Great sound. Class processed. And I'm not a DJ. My records sound really good. Clear recommendation.

    26 Jan 2019

    A lot of quality, as usual in the brand

    -- Show original --

    A great product, in my opinion ideal for those who start or can not afford a 1200 GR. I've been with the mk2 for 20 years and I've adapted perfectly (after a few hours sweating a lot). Soft touch, ultra-stable pitch and good quality finishes.

    15 Jan 2019

    Pioneer PLX 1000

    -- Show original --

    EXCELLENT Service & Quality! Maximum score Recommended. Thank you.

    11 Jan 2019

    Everything was very pleasant

    -- Show original --

    Fast delivery and well packaged, which is important for such sensitive devices. Then I reordered the headshell by phone. The friendly employee on the phone was very helpful and competent. Gladly again.

    6 Jan 2019

    Impeccable delivery and flawless record player

    -- Show original --

    The Pioneer PLX 1000 arrived as ordered. Additionally packed in box and packing material so that the original box remains undamaged. They are beautiful and work flawlessly. My concerns that the turntable is "egg" have been removed. The parts are all well packaged. The setup was self-explanatory for me (plate + slipmat + plate up, system screwed on, cold device cable plugged in, grounding + chinch on the mixer and off we went). I don't need to say much about the turns themselves. Fine record player at a good price and good workmanship. I was also pleasantly surprised that Pioneer chinch cables and a dust cover were included.

    30 Dec 2018

    Top companies

    -- Show original --

    Super fast processing - great! I cannot give any information about the playback quality of the Pioneer PLX 1000 turntable, the customer from another provider (.... cannot keep up with the speed of RecordCase) is unfortunately not yet there. But it makes a very stable impression and everything works so far. Looking forward to the vinyl evening :)

    29 Dec 2018

    I am very happy with the PLX-1000.

    -- Show original --

    I am extremely satisfied with the Pioneer PLX-1000. The processing is very solid, the feel very nice. All functions do what they should. I use the PLX-1000 as a hi-fi player in the living room. I cannot judge how he would do in a club. Equipped with an AT-440Mlb, it just plays wonderfully. The turntable has no pitch and on my model the tonearm bearings were set perfectly. So I expect that too. I searched for a point of criticism for a long time and found none for myself as a home user. A great device.

    21 Dec 2018


    -- Show original --

    I don't comment on the DJ aspect as it is used in a Hi-Fi system. Excellent machine, with convenient use thanks to the engine start / stop button. With Grado gold 2 pick up sound slightly closed on the highs (which is already typical of the head), I must try to remove the Matt sponge to see if it opens. Compared to the old Dual 721 that I still use, the PLX 1000 is affected and amplifies the beats with the finger on the base in a more marked way, although they say it has been soundproofed compared to the plx500. Excellent service from Recordcase

    19 Dec 2018

    Everything Top

    -- Show original --

    Price performance is great

    8 Dec 2018

    Comes pretty close to the legend

    -- Show original --

    If there is a worthy successor to the 1210, it is the PLX 1000

    28 Nov 2018


    -- Show original --

    Super service and fast delivery

    2 Nov 2018

    everything great!!

    -- Show original --

    great product

    30 Oct 2018

    Super fast

    -- Show original --

    Super fast, great packaging

    1 Jun 2018

    Top device

    -- Show original --

    I've had a PLX 1000 in a set next to my old 1210 MK2! The motor looks identical on both devices - and they run the same way !!! There is no difference in operation if you play from the 1210 to the PLX - or vice versa ... So if you want to replace a rocked 1210 with an equivalent replacement, you will not go wrong with the PLX 1000 !!! At that time I also looked at the small PLX 500, but this is more suitable for private use - much simpler motor, play in the turntable, etc. - so if PLX, then the 1000 ...;)

    19 Apr 2018

    top quality

    -- Show original --

    Finally another price segment! Get hold of Technics. I can only recommend it and the quality is great

    19 Dec 2017


    -- Show original --

    Super easy and over and over again. Great and quick performance !!!!

    27 Mar 2017

    Everything is as it should be.

    -- Show original --

    The PLX 1000 is fairly easy to evaluate. As an old 1210 user, I can feel no difference in handling. The platter feels right, the mandrel is long enough to turn. Whoever says it is not a 1210 is right, but I find him equivalent. no matter whether green and blue LEDs were installed together. However, it is extremely unfortunate that the PLX 1000 has become 110 euros more expensive for 3 days.

    12 May 2016

    Undoubtedly one of the best new devices in this price range

    -- Show original --

    I recently bought a cheap AT record player in the Recordcase store. Since I was not happy with this, I was kindly granted an exchange. The advice was friendly and patient. I drove home with a Pioneer PLX-1000. I noticed the high quality when I unpacked it. Very good workmanship, great surfaces, wonderful feel. The first great impression is also confirmed in the company. Perfect impact sound insulation, absolutely silent motor, zero-play tonearm and massive platter. An absolutely hi-fi record player that shines through simple operation, (with appropriate pickup) excellent sound and perfect workmanship. This makes the hobby vinyl even more fun than before.

    27 Jan 2016


    -- Show original --

    Really fantastic, much better than Technics, they have a very powerful engine and a beautiful livery

    25 Nov 2015

    TOP record player

    -- Show original --

    Anyone who has worked with the Technics 1210 will not miss anything! + very good workmanship! + powerful engine + great price / performance ratio

    24 Nov 2015


    -- Show original --

    Great product and great price. As always the best in Europe. Great product and great price. Best in Europe as always.

    22 Jan 2015

    TOP record player

    -- Show original --

    So I can't say anything bad. The brand speaks for itself. TOP processing. I am very pleased. So far I've always used technics. But now I can say for sure, never technics! Pioneer is unbeatable in price and quality. A TOP record player. Can only recommend it.

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