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Ortofon 2M Red PnP MK2

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    Ortofon has optimized the design to make it easier to mount the cartridge, as well as the weight... more

    Product information "Ortofon 2M Red PnP MK2"

    Ortofon has optimized the design to make it easier to mount the cartridge, as well as the weight and size to accommodate the most popular turntables on the market today. The 2M Series offers excellent compatibility when used in a variety of playback systems and with a variety of phono preamps.

    2M Red is a general purpose pickup that delivers an open, dynamic sound with a hint of warmth.

    Features Ortofon 2M Red PnP MK2

    • Universal holder for a wide range of S-shaped tonearms.
    • Weight with one 2M cartridge pre-assembled 20 g
    • The headshell body is made from a special blend for the medical industry that ensures high rigidity while reducing unwanted vibration.
    • Elegant high-tech design
    • Length 52mm. Headshell with pre-mounted 2M cartridge ensures the correct Baerwald alignment with the Ortofon TA-110/ TA-210 tonearms, as well as with most of the tonearms with universal holder.

    Technical data

    • Pickup type: MM (moving magnet)
    • Output voltage: 5.5mV*
    • Amplifier connector: Phono MM
    • Channel deviation at 1 kHz: 1.5dB
    • Crosstalk attenuation at 1kHz: 22dB
    • Crosstalk attenuation at 15kHz: 15dB
    • Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
    • Sampling capability at 315Hz: 70µm**
    • Needle compliance: 20µm/mN
    • Rec. Tonearm type: light to medium heavy
    • Scanning diamond: elliptical
    • Rounding: r/R 8/18µm
    • Support force range: 16-20mN (1.6-2.0g)
    • Rec. Support force: 18mN (1.8g)
    • Scanning angle: 20 degrees
    • DC resistance: 1.3kOhm
    • Inductance: 700mH
    • Rec. Terminating resistor: 47kOhm
    • Rec. Termination capacity: 150-300pF
    • Housing material: Lexan DMX
    • Weight: 20 g
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