ORB DF-1i A Disc Flattener

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    The ORB AUDIO DF-01i A is a meaningful further development of the DF-01i and is designed for all... more

    Product information "ORB DF-1i A Disc Flattener"

    The ORB AUDIO DF-01i A is a meaningful further development of the DF-01i and is designed for all vinyl formats: singles, maxis, mini LP's and LP's. The device is able to heat and level corrugated records by means of a defined heating in three different temperature programs.

    Corrugated records have a considerable influence on the optimum scanning process of the pickup system and lead to higher ambient noise, increased wear of the scanning needle and record and poor sound reproduction. Some records cannot be played back at all.

    The ORB DF-01i A record iron heats the record, smoothes the surface and improves the conditions for an optimal scanning process. Pickups and records benefit in terms of durability and quality. The heat treatment of the vinyl relaxes the material, which is very advantageous for the sound reproduction of the record. Sound differences between wavy and smoothed vinyl are clearly noticeable. The ORB record iron leads to a better playback quality and preserves the value of your precious pickups and vinyl treasures.
    The ORB record iron consists of a solid metal frame construction with two heating surfaces and an integrated timer at three temperature programs. The temperature programs Low, Medium and High can be set. The temperature program High is mainly applicable for LP's with 180-200 grams. The Disc Flattener is designed for the record formats 7?, 10? and 12? and is not suitable for shellac records.

    Data ORB DF-01i A

    • Power consumption: 100 Watt (maximum)
    • Maximum heating: 60 degrees Celsius
    • (W x H x D): 475 x 75 x 554 mm
    • Weight: 10 kg
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