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    SceniQ software is a brand new system that delivers an accurate control of all aspects of... more

    Product information "Marq SceniQ 1"

    SceniQ software is a brand new system that delivers an accurate control of all aspects of lighting for lighting designers, installers, fitters, tires and DJs, like nothing before. It is ideal for live performances as well as performances. There are a wide range of control options that allow incredibly innovative and demanding live programming, or you can design the perfect lighting effects in advance using the 3D visualizer.

    Control the show directly from your MAC or PC, integrate the control with external DMX or MIDI devices already installed in your rig, or even wirelessly transfer the control with your Android or IOS devices.

    Whether used on stage, in theatre or architecture, SceniQ gives you real freedom of creativity and expression combined with amazing ease of use.

    Marq SceniQ 1 Features

    • Get started faster by using pre-set motions and effects that automatically load after adding your fixtures
    • Create and organize multiple tabs for mounting groups
    • Create and organize multiple tabs for all your scenes
    • Adapt and edit blurring between scenes
    • Take real-time control of all your lamps in Live Mode
    • Apply immediate global effects worldwide, regardless of the type of luminaire
    • Lowering multiple chases, programs and sequences simultaneously
    • Use your favorite triggers and controls to map keyboard keys, Midi or DMX

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    Vilmos Pászti

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    Dear Manufacturer! I bought a marq sceniq 1 dmx encoder. Serial number: c06564. This product is not good for anything! That is, it is useless. It was a waste of money because of the following problems. 1. The operating system freezes continuously. 2. No time line function. It is almost impossible to program for time without the time line function. If I want to fix a step error, when I start the error location, the light setting starts from the error location, but the music starts from the beginning. How was this thought ???? 3. Allows only 20 locations.