M-Audio MIDISport Uno

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    MIDISport Uno is a small and lightweight (approx. 130g) USB-MIDI interface in adapter cable form... more

    Product information "M-Audio MIDISport Uno"

    MIDISport Uno is a small and lightweight (approx. 130g) USB-MIDI interface in adapter cable form and is excellently suited for portable operation on laptops or notebooks. The total cable length is approx. 3 meters.

    MIDISport Uno can be used as a USB MIDI interface on both Windows PC and Macintosh (OS X) via USB. The unit offers 16 MIDI input channels (1 port) and 16 channels on the output side (1 port). 3 LEDs indicate the operating status of the device.

    The new USB technology makes the installation and expansion of existing systems child's play. Forget annoying screwing on, base addresses, IRQs or DMAs; this means that plugging in and working, even with several MIDISport interfaces at the same time on one computer. You can expand your system with each additional MIDISport simply by adding additional MIDI inputs and outputs.

    Features M-Audio MIDISport Uno

    • 1x1 USB MIDI Interface
    • 1 MIDI output, 16 channels
    • 1 MIDI input, 16 channels
    • "Self-powered, works without additional power supply
    • Connection to USB interface (Universal Serial Bus)
    • LED display for input, output and power
    • MIDISport firmware is loaded with the driver initialization and is therefore always up-to-date
    • Lightweight plastic housing
    • Supplied with CD-ROM driver for PC and Macintosh
    MIDI inputs: 2x Midi in
    Connector type: USB
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