KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4

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    KRK Rokits have always been top sellers, and the fourth generation of these studio monitors... more

    Product information "KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4"

    KRK Rokits have always been top sellers, and the fourth generation of these studio monitors doesn't disappoint. The Rokit RP10-3 G4 features a high-quality design with low-distortion Kevlar drivers driven by an efficient Class D power amplifier with integrated Brickwall Limiter.

    An optimized high-frequency waveguide provides a wide, deep, dynamic sweet spot and incredibly detailed reproduction, while a low-resonance cabinet and front port provide excellent low-pass response and uncomplicated speaker placement.

    A modern DSP maximizes your acoustic environment with room correction, visual LCD EQ and more. And everything is easily controlled via the KRK app on an iOS or Android smartphone. The KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4 includes insulated foam padding and an optional front panel with a protective metal grille.

    Features KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4

    • 4th generation Rokit studio monitor in high-quality design
    • Robust Kevlar drivers for low-distortion sound reproduction
    • Professional 10" (Tri-Amp) studio monitor, developed in the USA.
    • Efficient Class D power amplifier delivers high-quality sound at reduced operating temperatures.
    • The built-in Brickwall Limiter ensures a balanced sound, protects against damage and maintains the dynamics of your music.
    • Optimized high-frequency waveguide creates a wide, deep, dynamic sweet spot and incredible detail
    • Low-resonance cabinet offers pinpoint low-end performance
    • The front connector offers excellent low-pass performance and uncomplicated speaker placement.
    • Advanced DSP with room correction, visual LCD EQ and more
    • The KRK app adjusts EQ settings, subwoofer levels, crossover settings and polarity settings to help you set up speakers and adjust levels.
    • The onboard signal generator is a must for the calibration of the system.
    • Contains insulating foam padding and an optionally attachable front panel with a protective metal grid

    Technical data

    • Woofer: 10" Kevlar aramid fibers
    • Midrange driver: 4.5" Kevlar Aramid fiber Aramid fiber
    • Tweeter: 1" Kevlar aramid fibers
    • Frequency response: 26 - 40.00 Hz
    • Amplifier class: Class D
    • Input impedance: 5.12KΩ symmetrical
    • Input sensitivity: Unbalanced signal input, gain +11dB: 32 Hz, -10dBV input, 109.3 W, 0.01% THD+N; Balanced signal input, gain 0dB: 32 Hz, +4dBu input, 131 W, 0.07% THD+N
    • Controls: Volume; EQ parameters: NF and HF setting; LCD display: Brightness, contrast, standby, logo, factory reset, lock
    • Input: Symmetrical TRS / XLR combo socket
    • Weight: 15,9 kg
    • Dimensions: 546 x 329 x 371 mm
    Diameter Woofer: 10 inch
    Max. Sound pressure: 110 - 114 db
    Power RMS: 251 - 300 W
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    The perfect Swiss army knife for monitoring

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    These are 3-way but really 3-way monitoring speakers. Each of the stages is clearly distinct with an extremely wide range of frequency responses. The dynamics are there. More efficient than a 2 monitor system + a sub bass. It is ideal for listening in close proximity as large distribution in the studio cabin if it is spacious. makes it possible to hear clearly in mixing or programming work any intervention. Spatialization is very well defined (this is rarely the case with nearby speakers). The fact of being equipped with a correction, certainly at the rear but possible with an amplifier on a smartphone (which allows them to be placed against a wall or at an angle without having to go behind) to correct or extend its broadcasting capacities . This speaker is the perfect Swiss army knife for monitoring at a reasonable price! I have a cabin listening system of the brand G .......... at € 12,000 !!!! Well ... It is better to have a pair of KRK RP10 G4 for less than 900 € !!! There is no justification for such a price differential. They are a bit bulky, but you have to know what you want (for a bass guitar ~ 41Hz listening is perfect with a 10 hp and a descent to 26Hz no need to have another broadcasting solution. high frequencies similarly (it ranges up to 40Khz no interest but between 12Khz and 20 kHz I find them extremely precise. I think that trying them is adopting them.