Hypersynth Xenophone

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    The Hypersynth Xenophone is an advanced analog mono synthesizer with 100% analog signal path.... more

    Product information "Hypersynth Xenophone"

    The Hypersynth Xenophone is an advanced analog mono synthesizer with 100% analog signal path. It features three oscillators, two subs, four ring modulators, a multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuitry, followed by high-quality digital stereo delay and reverb.

    The sound engine's extensive modulation capabilities and the warm and unique character of the Xen filter, enriched with built-in analog distortion, make it the best choice for creating deep bass, aggressive leads, transparent and crisp synth lines, acid sequences, complex arpeggios, punchy percussive sounds, extreme SFXs and more.

    In addition to its synthesis capabilities, it can also be used as a powerful audio processor to add sonic color to an external input signal through analog filters, distortion and DFX.

    Features and Technical Data

    • 100% analog signal path
    • 3 oscillators
    • 2 sub-oscillators
    • 7 waveforms: Saw, Square, Triangle, variable shape Saw-Sqr, Tri-Sqr, Stepped Sqr
    • 4 ring modulators
    • Multimode VCF including 6 filter types, 12.18, 24 dB (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, 18LP>6HP, 12LP>6HP)
    • VCF 1 self-oscillation including sine, triangle and clipped triangle
    • Filter FM via oscillator1
    • Four noise guys: White, Pink, Red, C64 (pitched)
    • precise filter keytracking included: pitch, portamento and pitchbend
    • 3 LFOs with 6 waveforms (Sin, Tri, Saw, Sqr, S&H, S&Glide)
    • LFO features: Sync, Reset, Freq Range= 0 - 100 Hz
    • 3 envelopes: Amp, Filter, Mod (6-day DAHDSR from 1mS to 30S)
    • 4 envelope styles (Analog RC1, RC2, Exponential, Digital Linear)
    • 6 envelope trigger modes (Always, Legato, Analog1, Analog2, LFO2 S&H, FootP)
    • Loop option for all envelopes
    • 8-slot modulation matrix (up to 33 mod sources and 50 mod targets)
    • Resolution Filter Cutoff 12-bit, 4096 steps
    • Analog distortion including 4 types (light, dirty, harsh, massive)
    • Feedback loop via external audio input
    • Stereo output, external audio input
    • Arpeggiator, 16x4 step sequencer
    • Note Slide, Slew Rate (Note, Velocity, AUX Track1, AUX Track2)
    • OLED display
    • 896 memory locations for presets
    • Headphones output
    • CV/Gate inputs and outputs
    • MIDI I/O, USB
    • VST/Standalone Software Editor including DAW integration (PC)
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 328 x 167 x 50 mm
    • Weight: 1,3 kg
    MIDI inputs: 1x Midi in
    MIDI outputs: 1x Midi out
    Sound generation: Analog
    Polyphony: 2-5
    Multi-timbral: No
    Number of keys: none
    Sequencer integrated: Yes
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