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    MoCo is a fully passive monitor controller that helps you to perfectly control the playback... more

    Product information "ESI Moco"

    MoCo is a fully passive monitor controller that helps you to perfectly control the playback volume of your studio monitors.

    "Fully passive" means that there are no active components involved that can modify the audio signal in any way - maintaining the maximum sound quality level for your studio monitors. MoCo offers two separate stereo inputs (one with balanced 1/4" TRS connectors, one with unbalanced RCA and unbalanced TRS connectors of 1/8") and two separate stereo outputs (one with balanced XLR connectors, one with balanced / unbalanced 1/4" TRS plus unbalanced TRS connectors of 1/8"). MoCo doesn't change your signals from unbalanced to balanced: what's going on, will go out!

    You can select the input signal via a single switch and each output can be switched on using separate buttons. There is also a switch that changes the monitor signal to mono and you can quickly turn off the playback audio signal at the touch of a button. Quick alternation of left and right audio signal channels is also possible. And of course, the stylish large button in the middle of MoCo controls the current playback volume.

    Features ESI MoCo

    • 2x mono mono mono balanced 1/4" TRS input (input A)
    • 2x mono unbalanced RCA input (input B)
    • 1x stereo unbalanced 1/8" mini input input (input B)
    • 2x mono balanced XLR output (output A)
    • 2x mono balanced / unbalanced 1/4" TRS output (output B)
    • 1x stereo unbalanced 1/8 "mini-jack output (output B) 1x unbalanced 1/8" mini-jack output
    • Selected high quality potentiometer for passive volume control
    • A/B input selector switch
    • L/R switch to change left & right audio channels
    • Independent A and B buttons to enable and disable the outputs
    • Mono Down mix button (mixes from left to right and from right to left channel)
    • Mute button to mute the output signal immediately
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    5 / 5 Points

    Everything to your complete satisfaction

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    I am very pleased. The Moco is a fine box and the processing at recordcase was uncomplicated.

    4 / 5 Points

    Uncomplicated little device that does what it should.

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    Uncomplicated little device that does what it should. An XLR input, or any other alternative connector form in input A (only 6.3 jack), I would have thought useful, but maybe you can not expect that at the price?