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Zomo VS-Box 50
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Zomo VS-Box 50
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Vinyl storage for 12 inch LPs

vinyl aufbewahrungsbox für 12 zoll schallplatten

If you love your black gold, you should not skimp on the care of your records. This also includes the correct storage of LPs. Because only if they are stored correctly, you can enjoy them for a long time.

What you have to consider and what we have in our range of vinyl storage boxes can be found in this little guide.

Storage is everything

Vinyl is sensitive. During the production process a variety of chemicals are used and applied which do not react optimally to our environmental influences. The biggest enemy of storage is temperature and pressure. One can make 2 gross errors:

  • Storage of LPs in the sun/heat: The absolute and guaranteed death of the record. If the vinyl is stored in the sun even for a short time in the sun or at higher temperatures, the record will bend in no time. Playing the record is hardly possible afterwards and you need expensive accessories to get it straight again.
  • Stacking the records: A little more often this is unfortunately done wrong. The records are stacked on top of each other. Due to the high weight of the vinyl, the lower records are naturally bent very quickly and therefore also suffer

Various other hazards such as liquids, dust and chemicals can also damage your beloved pets. So if you own a bigger or more expensive collection of LPs you should not save on storage and consider one of our Zomo vinyl shelves or storage boxes.

Choosing the right size

zomo vinyl regal mit oberfachCaution is also required here. It doesn't hurt to let some air up when choosing the LP record rack and not to choose the size too narrowly.

Because the records also want to "breathe" and need some space from each other. Therefore it is not advisable to fill the shelf completely, but to leave some air between the records. Our shelves are indicated in maximum number. This is the maximum number of records you can put in.

That's why we recommend - not only because the record collection will always increase anyway - but also because of the longevity of the records - it's better to take one size bigger. Then you have one more reason to get more records :-)

Box, shelf - or both?

zom vinyl regal mit boxIn our assortment you will find a selection of different shapes for different applications or preferences. Some would rather have a shelf for their records. For this we recommend the VS-Box 100/4. Others would rather have a box as storage space. Here all VS-Boxes with smooth numbers can be used, e.g. VS-Box 50, 100, 200 or 400.

Also in our offer you will find boxes with integrated sorting and browsing possibilities. So you can browse through your favourite records directly and browse through them. All VS-Boxes can be combined as you wish. So you can also stack several boxes on top of each other.

If you are looking for something eye-catching and extraordinary, we recommend our new VS-Rack series. Here, besides high stability and quality, the emphasis was placed on an outstanding appearance. These special LP racks can be mounted on the wall or stand freely in the living room as an eye-catcher.