B-Stock items are demonstration and showroom items as well as items where the original packaging has been damaged or is missing. These items otherwise have no or rather minor optical defects (traces of use), which have no influence on the functionality of the device.

So when you buy a B-Stock item, you get a fully functional device for a great price.

What are B-Stock items?

  • Items that are no longer in their factory packaging 
  • Items with small optical defects 
  • Showroom items
  • Items with slight traces of use

Where do B-Stock items come from?

  • Returns from customers. For example, customers exercise their right of withdrawal and return goods.
  • Items are presented in the store as demonstration items and are no longer needed there.

What about the warranty?

The normal legal warranties apply to B-Stock articles. So if there is a defect in the product, you also have the full 24 months warranty on B-Stock items.

Can I exchange B-Stock articles?

B-Stock articles are sold as used goods. If a defect should occur with the article, we grant naturally the usual warranty service and give you the full support.