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    With the SD-Card- and USB-Port-Player AN-SD5000 by Antoc you have the possibility to transport a... more

    Product information "Antoc AN-SD5000"

    With the SD-Card- and USB-Port-Player AN-SD5000 by Antoc you have the possibility to transport a huge number of music files without a need of place-wasting bags or like that - just on one USB Stick or SD Card. You can play even limitless!

    The basic idea is a standard CD Player or MP3 Player, that you might had installed before in your DJ-rack. The advantage of THIS unit is clear: This player has got a USB Port and 2 SD Card Slots that can be used individually, even with the option to split tracks on borh sides of the player, what offers high flexibility. The handling is very clearly arranged and easy.

    This is important to create a good performance and present your audience a unique and impressing show.
    create your loops exactly on the desired point, control the play speed with 3 different pitch bands (+/-4%,+/-8%,+/-16%) and uns the huge number of more possibilities and options given in the AN-SD5000 like Auto BPM (automatic detection of the beat/play speed), Pitch Bend (adjust the beat speed with tapping the Pitch Bend Buttons to adjust it to the speed of an other track), Single or Continuous Play (one track play or play of the whole track list of your mass storage or hard disc), big LCD display with blue light.

    You can also use the ID3 Tag information of the tracks shown by the player. It's no problem to search in your own created folders. The player will identify it without any problems and access it.
    Even limitless storage in connection with high flexibility and no waste of space. That was not shown in this compact form like this!
    You also can connect your mass storage gard disc on the USB Port. The player will identify it without problems and play your music files!

    This great and relieable player with high quality manufacture and modern design offers hight flexibility on 2 HU (HU = height unit; 1 HU ~ 44,45 mm).

    Features Antoc AN-SD5000

    • Auto Cue
    • Pitch Bend (Adjusting the speed of a track by pressing the Pitch Bend buttons to adjust the speed of a track, e. g. to match the speed of another track)
    • Pitch Display (Display the pitch value)
    • Quick track search
    • Frame search up to 1/75th of a second accuracy
    • Music Master Tempo
    • Selectable time display elapsed/remain (already elapsed track time/track playback time to be played)
    • Seamless Loop (continuous loop playback)
    • Auto BPM (automatic detection of the beat speed of the track by the beat)
    • Fader Start
    • Folder Search (select your own created folders on the store)
    • Single/Continuous (individual/continuous) playback
    • Jog Wheel Pitch Curve +/100%.
    • MP3 Track List, ID3 Tags
    • Fully functional MP3 playback
    • Large LCD display with blue illumination
    • Playable media: MP3

    Technical specifications

    • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz ~, via included power supply unit
    • Power consumption: 9 W
    • Storage media: SD and SDHC cards, USB
    • Converter: 16 bit
    • sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
    • Speed adjustment: +/ 4%, +/ 8%, +/16%, +/8%.
    • Frequency response: 17 -16,000 Hz
    • Audio output: 2 x RCA, unbalanced
    • Output: 2 x 3.5 mm jack socket
    • Dimensions: 482 x 88 x 120 mm
    • Rack mounting: 2 U (8,89 cm high)
    • Weight: 2,03 kg
    Software incl.: None
    Standalone capable: Yes
    Display: monochrome
    Number of channels: 2 channels
    Number of outputs: 2x Master (Cinch)
    Sound card integrated: No
    SD-Kartenslot: 2 Slots
    USB inputs: 1x Typ A
    Pads available: No

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    5 / 5 Points

    for the restaurant

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    Device was bought for our restaurant for a decent sound of the customers. The player was built into the rack and has been doing its job inconspicuously for over 3 years. Above all, we still like the large number of memory connections and the problem-free playback of them.

    5 / 5 Points

    Super Player

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    super easy to use and works absolutely reliably. I can feed both drives with just one USB stick. This works perfectly even with a lot of tracks on the stick. Super value for money

    5 / 5 Points

    Excellent price / performance ratio

    -- Show original --

    Fits perfectly in my 19 inch rack, and a real bargain for the coal! The loop detection also works better than I thought, the loops are very easy, and if you are not too far off with loop IN and OUT, the player adjusts the loop length perfectly! I also have to praise the high quality buttons and very quick recognition of the USB sticks! That's how you wish it!