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Vestax MIDI DJ Controller VCI-100 MK2



In 2006, Vestax introduced the VCI-100, the world’s first professional USB MIDI controller, which perfectly fit into the upcoming demand of the computer DJ scene.
The concept of flexibly controlling any DJ software and being built with Japanese parts and mechatronics technology enabled the VCI-100 to make its mark in the DJ world. Over the years as the entire DJ scene made its shift to computer based DJing, we kept collecting requests and demands to make another mark. This time, with the VCI-100MK2.


• 4 Deck Control
• Professional high quality audio interface
• Assigns up to 128 parameters
• Large light weight JOG wheels with advanced pulse resolution and torque control
(2400 pulses per rotation)Speedy track searching & loading with the joy stick
• Ergonomic control knobs
• Strong Alumited panel
• Symmetrical Control layout
• High durability & light weight

Technical Data:

• Dimensions: B367 x H268 x T58 mm
• Weight: 2 Kg

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